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Self-Closing Spring Loaded Ladder Access Gate Yellow-AC-3013-LeachsLadder Access Gate – Self-closing and spring loaded
Leach's Ladder Trap Door-AC-3018-LeachsLeach's Ladder Trap Door
£29.40 ex. VAT
Leach's Ladder Trap Door
Ladder Access Trap Door-AC-3020-3-LeachsLadder Access Trap Door-AC-3020-3-Leachs
From £207.97 ex. VAT
BIGBEN Ladder Access Trap Door
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Plasterboard Letterbox-AC-3021-LeachsPlasterboard Letterbox-AC-3021-Leachs
Scaffold Stair Tread Set 2 End Brackets and 1 Support Bracket-AC-6310-LeachsScaffold Stair Tread Set
£48.24 ex. VAT
Scaffold Stair Tread Set
Leach's Scaffolder's Duo ScaffstepLeach's Scaffolder's Due Scaffstep, Folded Flat - 1.0m x 0.25m, Unfolded - 1.0m x 0.74m, Operating Height - 0.5m & 1.0m-AC-6383-Leachs
Square Folding Hop Up Work PlatformSquare Folding Hop Up Work Platform
Folding Hop up Step, 0.48m Height, Platform 0.6 x 0.3m-AC-6385-Leachs
£59.33 ex. VAT
Folding Hop up Step
Fixed Scaffold Stair
From £148.05 ex. VAT
Fixed Scaffold Stair
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Adjustable scaffold stairAdjustable scaffold stair
From £395.75 ex. VAT
Universal Adjustable Scaffold Stair
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Cuplock Stair
Scaffold stairScaffold stair
From £289.22 ex. VAT
Cup System Scaffold Stair
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Adjustable Loading Bay Gate - 2.4m - 4m-AC-3022-LeachsAdjustable Loading Bay Gate - 2.4m - 4m-AC-3022-Leachs
BIGBEN SafeStep Working PlatformWorker standing on BIGBEN Safe Step working platform
BIGBEN Mobile Work PlatformBIGBEN Mobile Work Platform in use
£10,799.25 ex. VAT
BIGBEN® Mobile Work Platform
BIGBEN Mobile Stairs Work Platform
SWL 186kg
Low Level Scaffold TowerLow level scaffold tower in use
Save 10%
£1,034.40 ex. VAT £1,145.55
Low Level Access Platform - 1.6m Long
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SWL 282kg
Low level access towerWorker operating from low level access tower
Save 10%
£1,205.40 ex. VAT £1,345.05
Low Level Access Platform - 2.4m Long
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One Man
SWL 350kg
One-Man Scaffold TowerScaffold Tower packed away on trolley
From £1,492.52 ex. VAT
One-Man Aluminum Scaffold Tower
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