We have been alerted about a crackdown on Scaffolder’s transporting supplies in “open” containers, such as stillage bins, gorilla tubs and sacks. Here is some advice to avoid getting pulled over and keep the DVSA (formally VOSA) happy.  

It’s 6am and you are sitting in your almost warm truck. Your hot coffee is hibernating in the cup holder, as the cold, wet weather outside taunts you. The last thing you want at this moment is to be flagged down, stopped and inspected.

We are hearing of more and more Scaffolders being pulled over or challenged about how they transport certain supplies.  

To help avoid this happening, we wanted to put together some advice and tips to ensure you can do your job safely, effectively and in line with the DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency). The DVSA has a comprehensive guide on their website that applies to load securing.

For Scaffolders the key things to be aware of are:

  • All Scaffolding equipment should be loaded so that it does not move relative to the vehicle under normal driving conditions.
  • The load should be placed in contact with the headboard and a temporary bulkhead (you could use scaffold boards) should be used to prevent movement when there is a gap. Lashings over the load can be used when that is not possible.
  • Groups of poles should be “belly wrapped” and secured to prevent movement during transit.
  • Loads stacked above the height of the sides need to be secured by other means, usually by over-the-top lashings. You CANNOT rely on the side of the vehicle to secure these loads.
  • Tarpaulins, netting or sheeting should be used on tippers, containers and skips to stop any loose items from falling. This applies to “open” containers such as stillage bins and Gorilla Tubs full of fittings for example.

Following this guidance will greatly decrease the chances of being pulled over and challenged about the way you are transporting supplies.

If you are having difficulties finding products that will help you meet the DVSA guidance, then please feel free to get in touch. Our team is always on hand to help find solutions to your problems.

Leach’s Stillage Bin covers and lorry nets are just two examples of simple products that will help keep the DVSA happy. You can order plain Stillage Bin covers today online or many of our customers love using the printed covers that help you stand out that little bit more.

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