The prospect of being involved in a workplace accident can be up to 36% higher when working in the dark.

As we head into winter and the days become shorter, scaffolding sites across the country are faced with the challenge of keeping workers safe when there’s a lack of light. Many on-site teams will now be starting and finishing the day in almost total darkness but despite the increased risk, work must continue. With deadlines to be met and an economy to revive, our industry is endeavouring to keep the wheels of our markets turning.

The dark side of scaffolding

There are plentiful risks associated with scaffolding in the dark.

Firstly, there’s the simple danger that workers just aren’t able to spot a hazard. Whether it’s an on-site vehicle or a protected area in which equipment and debris could fall, a lack of light could easily lead to serious injury. If you’re unable to see the hazard, it’s difficult to protect yourself.

Secondly, many scaffolds are erected in public areas such as pavements, or protrude into the road. If the scaffold is a potential hazard for a moving vehicle or member of the public, it’s important to ensure you have sufficient lighting on it so it’s easy to identify in the dark.

Step 1 - Create a plan

Ensuring the safety of our workforce is priority number one. An imperative first step to achieving this is conducting a review of the potential threats that could arise from working in the dark, and implementing a plan to mitigate against these.

Step 2 - Clearly display the danger zones

Dangerous areas should be marked with visible warning signs, and potentially cordoned off to prevent access. Ensure the signs are easy to identify, and keep the message simple. Sometimes, a straightforward ‘DANGER’ warning is enough.

Although it is true workers can become desensitised to the sheer quantity of safety signage, ongoing training and education can hammer home the importance of paying attention to signs and safe zones. View Leach’s full range of safety signs here.

Step 3 - Light up your work areas

Providing sufficient lighting for your workers is crucial. At Leach’s, we recommend choosing scaffolding lights that are suitable for the task at hand. Certain environments or conditions will require different solutions. You’ll need to review the threats and choose lighting that fits the scenario. We also recommend cleaning lights and casings regularly so maximum light can penetrate through the casing, and visibility remains strong.

Here at Leach’s, our goal is to keep workers safe and deliver quality safety solutions that protects the public from the hazards a scaffold presents. We stock a range of scaffold lighting options, including:

LED Festoon String Lighting

A strong and durable string lighting system that ensures great coverage over a large area. It’s IP65 certified too, meaning it’s fully protected against dust and water ingress. You can be assured of light for longer.

Heavy-Duty LED Scaffold Light

When we say heavy-duty, we mean it. This LED scaffold light is virtually indestructible and automatically switches off when exposed to sunlight. It has an extra-long battery life too so you can rest assured of light when you need it most.

BIG BEN Amber Scaffold Light

BIG BEN’s innovative scaffolding light solution is designed to fit quickly and securely to all types of scaffolding and industrial applications. It’s a simple, robust and tamper proof solution, perfect for industries increasing needs to illuminate work areas. Available in either yellow, red or white.

Heavy-Duty Flashing Skip Light

This heavy-duty skip light is just that – heavy-duty. It’s perfect for ensuring the visibility of a large hazard in the dark and is tamper resistant. It has an incredibly long battery life too, so you can be assured of adequate light when it’s required.

Let us help you keep the workforce safe. Contact Leach’s today and you’ll be operating safely in the dark in no time.

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