Journeying Together
to improve site safety

Our Process

We firmly believe that clear, open and honest communication is vital for the success of your project. From the moment you get in touch, we have a defined and tested process to help discover the best way to meet your requirements.

We had some very specific requirements for our workforce and needed a bespoke solution that could be rolled out to a workforce of over 2000 people.

From the very beginning of the process, Leach's showed great industry knowledge and were quick at not only replying to our questions but presenting a viable solution.

We are extremely impressed at how Leach's handled all the product development and logistics, allowing us to focus our time on completing the wider project at the Refinery.

HSEQ Manager Exxon Mobil / Samref Refinery

Clear. Open. Honest.

Discovery Call

Research & Sourcing

Solution Development

Delivery Mapping

As soon as the solution has been finalised, we will begin mapping out clear timelines and expectations, ensuring we move forward united and on the same page. This allows us to effectively work with supply chains to meet your project deadlines.


When the green light on the solution is given, Leach's will handle all the relevant logistics, including delivery of equipment, to ensure a smooth and efficient implementation of your turnkey solution.

Ongoing Review