Prelude FLNG
Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

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A ground-breaking project that involved a number of incredibly complex projects to be successfully completed to ensure the long term goals could be met. One of the standout Oil & Gas Projects in the world.

We have had incredible feedback from the workforce on the quality, ease-of-use and increased safety from the solution provided by Leach's.

Working with a company that has experience supplying complex projects gave us confidence that Leach's are the correct partner to help us ensure the Prelude project is successful.

Senior Project Manager Prelude FLMG

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Complex Project

The Prelude FLNG is one of the greatest projects we have seen in the Oil & Gas sector. The sheer size of the project, along with the many complex requirements to ensure it remains functional and effective brought suppliers a long list of challenges.

It was a proud moment for our team to see many of the workforce using implemented solutions from Leach's.

With the Prelude now actively in service, the Leach's are on constant standby to help provide rapid safety solutions for any needs that arise.

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