Hinkley Point C
Nuclear and Energy

About the Client

The first in a new generation of nuclear power stations in Britain providing zero-carbon electricity for around six million homes. Hinkley Point C is essential for Britain’s future energy security.

With over 22,000 people working on the project, including numerous contractors and suppliers, it was important to us that we found a partner that was able to meet the demands of a large scale and fast moving project.

We have been impressed with the safety solutions provided by Leach's and we know that whatever the guys on site need, we can reach out to Leach's with complete confidence that an efficient and safe solution will be implemented.

Project Manager EDF Energy

Sourcing & Supporting
Next-Gen Energy Projects

When you are working on projects that include cutting-edge technology, you want a sourcing partner that you can depend on. Leach's has been providing ongoing safety solutions for Hinkley Point C since the start of the project.

Thousands have been taking advantage of our industry leading solutions, that have been helping to improve productivity and safety on site. This included sourcing bespoke products and developing unique equipment kits for teams on the ground.

Our relationship with those working on the project has continued to strengthen and our specialist team are always on hand to help source solutions for new requirements that appear.

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