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The Heerema companies are involved in all phases of offshore energy projects. You will find them providing solutions from early conception to fabrication, installation and decommissioning, creating sustainable value in projects within the offshore energy industry.

I was tasked with being part of the team to ensure we had a supply chain partner that could provide safety solutions that met our complex requirements and stringent quality demands.

Leach's have been helpful in providing useful solutions that have helped us get ahead of tight deadlines on a number of projects.

Their team have been great at evidencing certifications and product testing for all the equipment sourced for us - saving me vital time in the process!

QC/QA Lead Supervisor Heerema Marine Contractors

Certified & Tested
Site Safety Solutions

Heerema have strict safety standards and quality expectations for all of their projects. This meant they needed to find sourcing partners that could not only provide solutions to meet those requirements, but also provide evidence of certifications and standards for the safety solution.

We have strong relationships with our supply chain and by default keep a record and chase down all certifications and documentation for everything we stock or source. This allowed us to quickly ensure Heerema had all the paperwork they needed and the quality safety equipment that was vital for a number of projects.

We are looking forward to developing our relationship with Heerema and our specialist team are on hand to help support them with all site safety requirements.

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