Excalibur Eye Screwbolt (12mm x 75mm)

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SKU: AF-6130

12mm x 75mm Excalibur Eye Screwbolt, Eye internal diameter 22mm, The original Screwbolt - high-strength masonry anchor. The innovative screw anchor from the UK. Versatility - one anchor for all substrates Simple, fast installation Close to edge ability, non-expanding Permanent removable or tamper resistant your choice! Exceptional strength Immediate load capability Cost effective Vibration Increases Performance Drill Bit Diameter Concrete and Brick - 12mm Soft Materials - 11mm TECHNICAL DATA Finish: Mechanical Zinc as standard, or Zinc & Yellow passivated Other finishes: Other platings & finishes are available to special order subject to quantity Tensile strength: 800N/mm2 Case hardened Embedment concrete and brick: Minimum recommended is 4.5 bolt diameter Soft block: Minimum recommended is 75mm All dimensions in millimetres (mm)

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Excalibur Eye Screwbolt (12mm x 75mm) Title: Default Title

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