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BZP M16 Drop-In Anchors (Box 25)

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Introducing the M16 Drop-In Anchor.

The EA N is suitable for pre-positioned installation.

Position the hammerset anchor in the drill hole and drive in flush to the surface of the base material using the hammer.

The setting tool EA-ST is then used to expand the sleeve against the drill hole wall by driving in the internal pin.

The setting tools must sit on the edge of the anchor to ensure correct expansion.

    The metal drop-in anchors are designed for fast installation, ideal for shallow embedment in concrete, where re-bar has been used. Installed using a setting tool, Ideal for Mechanical, electrical and plumbing installations. The drop in anchor offers a permanent socket point that can be re used, the bolt can be removed making this ideal for service work.

    Boxed in 25's. Buy from Leach's today.


    Hole Diameter 20mm
    Thread Diameter 16mm
    Anchor Length 65mm
    Min. Hole Depth 65mm
    Material Steel
    Finish BZP

    Key features

    • Flush fixing
    • Shallow embedment
    • Simple fastener removal
    • Quick installation
    • Permanent threaded socket
    • Base materials: Concrete/Stone
    • Applications: Suspended ceilings, lighting, electrical and telecommunication installations, ventilation and pipework, cable trays, scaffolding and framework and ductwork


    BZP M16 Drop-In Anchors
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    BZP M16 Drop-In Anchors (Box 25) Title: Default Title

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