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BIGBEN® Braked Pulley

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Put a brake on pulley accidents!

It’s time to make your site safer with the all new BIGBEN® Braked Pulley.

This revolutionary and award winning safety pulley ensures the safe raising and lowering of goods on scaffolds and construction sites.  It's perfect for use with the BIGBEN Board Lifter and BIGBEN Tube Lifter.

    Next level lifting and lowering device

    Loads can be lifted and lowered safely with the BIGBEN Braked Pulley. Lifting and lowering occurs automatically at a controlled speed that ensures ultimate safety, even if you let go of the rope!

    This safety pulley has a SWL of 50KG and is set to improve safety standards on construction sites globally.

    Eliminate risk and protect your staff and management hierarchy from potential personal injury claims by specifying the BIGBEN Braked Pulley.

    BIGBEN developed this device for Leach's following a request from TRAD SCAFFOLDING to find a safer alternative to the gin wheel and other braked pulleys that haven't lived up to their expectations.

    Buy your BIGBEN Braked Pulley from Leach’s today. If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact our helpful sales team on +44 (0) 1432 346 800.

    Key features

    • Eliminates risk
    • Loads can be safely raised and lowered by rope and wheel
    • Improves efficiency and reduces labour costs
    • Reduces physical strain
    • Can be used with any 16-18mm double braided Polypropylene (3 strand) rope
    • UK Patent Application No. 1510458.1
    • International Patent Application No. PCT/EP2016/063808

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    BIGBEN® Braked Pulley on a scaffold
    £585 ex. VAT

    BIGBEN® Braked Pulley Title: Default Title

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