1st for Scaffolding

We started over 100 years ago serving the scaffolding industry and it remains at the core of what we do. With scaffolders across the world partnering with us, our team has been at the forefront of developing new products to help increase productivity and safety. We proud to be known as a “one-stop-shop” for scaffolding, supply and sourcing everything you need to successfully complete your jobs.

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1st for Construction

With a growing range of construction safety equipment, Leach’s has established itself as a supplier you can trust and depend on. With a trained team of experts, we have been partnering with people across the construction industry to develop new safety solutions, source bespoke products and provide vital safety gear. Together we are helping to keep the public, our teams and work sites safe.

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1st for Roofing

Every house needs a roof, and we have been working with roofers to source products and innovate solutions that will not only improve safety but make their lives much easier. From unique tools, lifting equipment, PPE and more – Leach’s has one of the largest collections of roofing safety equipment.

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1st for Oil & Gas

As a trusted global supply chain within the Oil & Gas sector, Leach’s has a dedicated team of experts to help companies find unique safety solutions for platforms and sites across the world. From generators, blast suits, lighting towers, tethered tools, acoustic barriers and PPE, Leach’s has established itself as a reliable and trusted sourcing partner for Oil & Gas companies.

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1st for Bricklaying

From trowels, jointers and levels to lifting cages, spot boards and heavy-duty buckets – Leach’s has a large collection of safety gear and equipment to help bricklayers improve efficiency and safety on site. We are confident that no matter what your needs, our team will be able to find the perfect solution for you.

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1st for Demolition

With industry-leading site containment solutions and unique safety equipment, Leach’s is positioned to be a key partner for demolition companies. In a sector full of potential hazards, it is vital to use trusted products to ensure the safety of your workers and the public.

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1st for Wind Energy

Constructing and maintaining wind farms and structures often require working at incredible heights. This comes with risks and to mitigate these, Leach’s has sourced a trusted collection of safety equipment, specifically for the Wind Energy markets.

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1st for Arborists

Arborists need height safety equipment that they can rely on. With unique products, designed specifically for arborists, Leach’s is becoming a new trusted supplier for arborists across the UK and beyond.

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1st for Film & TV

We are proud to provide production companies across the world with vital safety equipment that has been used in studios such as Warner Brothers, Pinewood, Shepperton & Netflix. Whether you need to keep sets secure or crew and cast safe, with our unique black safety harnesses, quality privacy netting, secure ground anchors and safety equipment - we are confident that Leach’s can help you.

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1st for Sports & Events

We have a wide range of safety equipment for the Sports & Events sectors. With famous stadiums across the Football Premier League and prestigious global festivals using Leach’s as a safety supplier, we have a growing loyal customer base and product range. Our dedicated team would love the chance to see how Leach’s can help provide you with bespoke safety solutions.

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