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27 products

27 products
OX Pro Brick Trowel London Pattern - 11" / 280mm-GT-2000-Leachs
OX Pro Brick Jointer-GT-2023-LeachsOX Pro Brick Jointer-GT-2023-Leachs
£5.61 ex. VAT
OX Pro Brick Jointer
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OX Pro Bucket Trowel - Carbon Steel - 7" / 180mm-GT-2001-Leachs
OX Pro Brick HammerOX Pro Brick Hammer - 24 oz-GT-2032-Leachs
£30.14 ex. VAT
OX Pro Brick Hammer (24oz)
OX Trade Brick Bolster With Guard-GT-2042-Leachs
From £7.77 ex. VAT
OX Trade Brick Bolster With Guard
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OX Pro Line Pins - 2pk 6" / 152mm-GT-2028-LeachsOX Pro Line Pins - 2pk 6" / 152mm-GT-2028-Leachs
OX Pro LevelOX Pro Level-LM-2024-Leachs
From £42.71 ex. VAT
OX Pro Level
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Wood Allsaw Blades (Pair)-AR-BL150W-Leachs
£56 ex. VAT £77
Wood Allsaw Blades (Pair)
Switch-Box Allsaw Blades (Pair)-AR-BL170SHP-Leachs
£66.71 ex. VAT £98.24
Switch-Box Allsaw Blades (Pair)
Plunge Allsaw Blades (Pair)-AR-BL170PHP-Leachs
£72 ex. VAT £106.03
Plunge Allsaw Blades (Pair)
Heritage Narrow Allsaw Blades (Pair)-AR-BL170HN-Leachs
£87.50 ex. VAT £128.87
Heritage Narrow Allsaw Blades (Pair)
Head Joint Allsaw Blades (Pair)-AR-BL170HJ-Leachs
£82 ex. VAT £120.76
Head Joint Allsaw Blades (Pair)

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