As a scaffolder, you’ve no doubt worn through many scaffolding gloves in your time. You already understand the importance of a good pair of gloves.

That’s because your hands are your most used tools. Whether you’re handling scaffold tubes and boards or working outside in unsavoury conditions, a pair of safety gloves must deliver supreme protection when handling equipment, and improve the safety of those around you by reducing the risks of dropped tools.

So, is it time for a new pair of gloves?

What scaffolding gloves do I need?

With such a varied range of scaffolding gloves out there, it can be hard to identify which best suit your requirements. And the truth is, it depends on numerous factors such as climate, weather, and comfort.

At Leach’s, we want to help you make the best decision possible. That’s why we’ve outlined some key considerations when searching for gloves, and picked out our scaffolder’s choice safety gloves.

Key considerations:

  • Seasons: If you’re working outside during the winter, letting your hands get too cold could increase the risk of dropped tools. Furthermore, when it’s raining, it’s important you choose a waterproof pair. Cold and wet hands could hinder your ability to handle equipment safely.

  • Comfort: When scaffolding, you’ll be using your hands for all of the important tasks. Whether that’s lifting and handling equipment or spinning your spanner, you need to be comfortable wearing your scaffolding gloves. So, ask yourself… Can you work with the gloves on? Do you have the dexterity needed when wearing them? You and your team may be at risk if you take your gloves off to perform a task. Comfort is key.

  • Puncture & abrasive resistant: You’ll often need to handle rough or sharp pieces of wood or steel. This can significantly damage your hands. Depending on the project, you might need gloves that can resist abrasion when handling dangerous materials or performing high-risk scaffolding tasks.

Leach’s scaffolder’s choice safety gloves

Winter scaffolding gloves
Koolgrip II Thermal Work Gloves

Winter Scaffolding Gloves

Protection from the cold is crucial in the winter months. Keep your hands warm with the Koolgrip II Thermal Work Gloves.

These gloves perform superbly well in both wet and dry conditions. They feature a thick thermal brushed polyester liner with excellent insulating capacities to keep hands ultra-warm in cold environments. They also have high-vis orange liners so your hands are easily visible when working in dimly lit conditions.

Discover the Koolgrip II Thermal Work Gloves here.

Summer scaffolding gloves
BIGBEN® Black Foam PU Nitrile Ultralite Gloves

BIGBEN Ultralite scaffolding gloves

When working in warmer weather you need light and comfortable scaffolding gloves, exactly like the BIGBEN® Black Foam PU Nitrile Ultralite Gloves.

These are ultra-lightweight safety gloves, but that doesn’t take away from their durability. Their extreme dexterity means they help you do the job you need to, all while delivering extreme comfort. They’re perfect for use in both wet and dry conditions and they fit so well, you’ll hardly know you’re wearing them!

Discover the BIGBEN Black Foam PU Nitrile Ultralite Gloves here.

Ultra-grip scaffolding gloves
BIGBEN® Xxtreme Grip Scaffolding Gloves – Nitrile Coated

Extreme grip scaffolding gloves

The BIGBEN® Xxtreme Grip Scaffolding Gloves are gloves the industry relies on.

They are ideal for gripping metal and wood, such as scaffold tubes, boards and fixings. They are also nitrile coated and last for longer with superb dexterity. You can achieve your goals efficiently and safely, reducing the risk of dropped tools and keeping you and your team safe.

Discover extreme grip scaffolding gloves you can trust here.

Impact resistant scaffolding gloves
Anti-Impact Cut Resistant 5 Gloves

Cut resistant scaffolding gloves

Hand injuries are one of the most common complaints in the workplace. The Anti-Impact Cut Resistant 5 Gloves can help.

These anti-impact gloves deliver vital protection against impact to the hand from multiple hazards, combining comfort, grip, impact and cut resistance in a seamless liner.

If you need maximum impact protection, click here.

Best all-round scaffolding gloves
BIGBEN® Black Foam PU Nitrile Ultralite Gloves

BIGBEN Ultralite gloves

Yes we've already covered this pair, but the BIGBEN® Black Foam PU Nitrile Ultralite Gloves are a real allrounder. They deliver everything you need.

Excellent grip, very comfortable, ultra-lightweight, and perfect to use in wet and dry conditions. If you’re stuck for choice, this could be your safest option.

Buy the BIGBEN Black Foam PU Nitrile Ultralite Gloves here.

Make sure your scaffolding gloves work for you

There are a range of scaffolding gloves on the market. It’s easy to get confused.

The most important point to reiterate is whatever you choose, make sure you they work for your hands. You have to be comfortable wearing them all day and if you have to take them off to perform a specific task, they’re most likely not the right gloves for you.

Explore Leach’s range of scaffolding gloves now, or contact our sales team on 01432 346890.

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