What is scaffold sheeting?

Simply put, scaffold sheeting is a form of sheeting that is wrapped around scaffolds, usually to improve the safety of those working on a scaffold.

Its use is vital to protect workers on-site, especially in poor weather. Construction sites can be dangerous places and that is why, as an industry, we are always trying to further protect our tradespersons by constantly seeking improvements to existing safety measures.

Scaffold sheeting clearly has an important role to play to keep workers safe. Generally, it has two main use cases:

  • Firstly, scaffold sheeting is ideal for weather protection. Site work can be dangerous in any season, with wind, rain, hot and cold weather all potential risk factors. If workers are severely debilitated by the weather and site work is disrupted, this can also result in delays to a project. Scaffold sheeting keeps the weather out and creates a safe working climate, ensuring a project can continue and that deadlines are safely met.
  • Secondly, scaffold sheeting is essential to contain debris during demolition projects. A number of objects, dust and bricks will come crashing to the ground during a demolition and that can cause severe damage or injury to those in the surrounding area. Scaffold sheeting ensures that debris is contained and those on site are protected from such risks.

So, whether you’re looking for temporary weather protection or to contain debris during a demolition project, scaffold sheeting ensures the continued safety of both workers and the public.

But could it also be a risk factor?

What’s becoming clear in our modern world is that, if a fire breaks out, we don’t want to add fuel to the flames…

What is flame retardant scaffold sheeting?

Flame retardant scaffold sheeting is just like any other form of scaffold sheeting, but with one extra important safety feature. It’s fire retardant, meaning it protects your construction site by reducing the risk of a fire starting or spreading.

Fire retardancy is achieved by coating scaffold sheeting in a unique chemical that helps prevent materials from catching fire. LPS 1215 is one of the major certification requirements in the UK that your sheeting needs to meet. Be sure to look out for this so you can be confident you’re getting a flame retardant scaffold sheeting you can trust.

What is LPS 1215?

LPS 1215 is a loss prevention standard that outlines the requirements for scaffold sheeting and how it performs on construction sites. The LPS 1215 testing and approval process ensures that scaffold sheeting passes a number of tests for a range of potential fire ignition scenarios that may occur on site, with the overall aim to protect the building, its people, and those working on site.

So, LPS 1215 certified scaffolding sheeting is meant to slow down the ignition and spread of a fire. Any sheeting that passes the tests are still subject to a stringent regime of audit testing. It is a significant risk to assume non-approved products, even those that claim to be up to par, offer the same level of fire retardancy as those that have proven compliance by passing these tests.

Why is LPS 1215 so important?

It’s never been more apparent why LPS 1215 requirements are so needed in our construction projects. Fires are becoming ever more common and are spreading rapidly. You need only turn on the news to see a bulletin regarding more large-scale fires and the havoc they wreak. The damage, no matter how small, can still be catastrophic.

But many of these fires can be prevented, or de-escalated at least, with simple and safe precautions. Flame retardant scaffold sheeting is one important step, and its use could result in more lives saved for the occupants of a building or construction site.

Discover BIGBEN® Superclad Flame Retardant Scaffold Sheeting

If you’re searching for quality flame retardant scaffold sheeting that is LPS 1215 certified, Leach’s can help.

We are the UK’s leading distributor of scaffold sheeting, and our BIGBEN Superclad Flame Retardant Scaffold Sheeting is a cut above the rest (if we do say so ourselves!). As well as being LPS 1215 certified to ensure excellent flame retardancy, it’s also:

  • Available in a range of heavy-duty options (180gsm and 240gsm)
  • Supplied with 3 fixing bands
  • Stocked in many sizes (2mx45m, 2.25mx45m and 3mx45m)

Found what you’re looking for? For more information about flame retardant scaffold sheeting, click the link. Alternatively, call our sales team on +44 (0)1432 346890 or email sales@leachs.com.

*Image courtesy of Millcroft Services

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