We all know safety is critical when working at height. That’s even more true when it comes to lifting and handling tools and equipment.

When working on scaffolding or construction sites, lifting is a daily task. You’ll frequently find yourself needing to lift tools and equipment to the higher reaches of a scaffold, but doing so can present a real danger. If the right safety protocols aren’t in place, or you aren’t using the correct lifting safety equipment, it’s possible your loads will fail, which will put others on-site in danger.

Don’t put workers and public at risk

Unfortunately, you need not look too hard to find evidence of risks when lifting equipment. In November 2017, three tradespersons were working on a roof refurbishment project in London[1]. A team that was dismantling a decommissioned air conditioning plant were lowering it from the roof in high winds. As a section of the plant was being lowered it became detached from the rope and hook. It fell to the ground and struck one of the workers on the pavement below.

The courts dealing with this incident cited many failings. Notably, only a basic manual gin wheel was used for what was a very complex operation in tough conditions. Furthermore, the activity wasn’t suitably supervised; and none of the workers had any formal training on carrying out lifting operations or slinging loads. The result was a fractured left femur for the worker, and fines amounting to £364,000 for the companies involved.

Also, in July 2018, a mother was pushing her daughter in a buggy in Brighton[2]. As they passed a scaffold structure erected on the pavement, a length of timber being lifted by a gin wheel fell ten metres onto the 3-year-old girl in the buggy, who suffered life changing injuries as a result of this devastating accident. The consequences for the builder in control of the work were severe, including large fines and a prison sentence. The consequences for the 3-year-old girl and her family were of course far greater.

You can lift safely with BIGBEN®

From scaffold boards and tubes to roofing sheets and tools and fittings, there’s a range of different equipment you may need to access when working at height. A one-size fits all approach to lifting these different items will not work. You need the right equipment for each task to ensure you’re lifting safely.

That is why BIGBEN has developed an array of specialised lifting equipment to suit very specific tasks, ensuring you and your team are lifting equipment in the safest manner possible.

BIGBEN® ScaffCorroClamp

Need to lift roofing sheets? The BIGBEN® ScaffCorroClamp is the safest way.

The ScaffCorroClamp is designed to lift corrugated roofing sheets up to multiple levels with ease. It’s easy to operate, requiring just a standard scaffold spanner to secure and release the clamp on to as many as six sheets at a time.

The idea is to save labour time by lifting multiple sheets at once in a safe manner, giving those lifting equipment peace-of-mind that the job will be completed safely and effectively. Find out more about the BIGBEN® ScaffCorroClamp here.

BIGBEN® TubeLift™

Let’s face it, lifting scaffold tubes is a strenuous and often dangerous task. But it doesn’t have to be.

The innovative, but extremely effective, BIGBEN® TubeLift™ is an exciting development in lifting safety. It was designed following first-hand reports from many scaffolding contractors, who were facing issues when lifting scaffold tubes and relying on rope to secure them.

The BIGBEN TubeLift ensures up to three scaffold tubes are securely clamped whilst raised and lowered, dramatically improving safety when lifting. Get your BIGBEN TubeLift™ here.

BIGBEN® Scaffold Board Lifter

Next up, it’s the simple but effective BIGBEN® Scaffold Board Lifter. It’s the fastest and safest way to lift scaffold boards. Just slip the adjustable loop over the ends of between 1-3 boards, pull it tight and lift away.

It’s quick and easy to release, and helps you lift and lower safely with peace-of-mind. You can buy the BIGBEN® Scaffold Board Lifter here.

BIGBEN® Braked Pulley

Ever thought your gin wheel just wasn’t quite safe enough? You’re not the only one.

You need the revolutionary and award-winning BIGBEN® Braked Pulley. This gin wheel alternative ensures the safe raising and lowering of goods on scaffold and construction sites. Loads are lowered automatically at a controlled speed to ensure ultimate safety, even if human error occurs and users accidently let go of the rope.

It was developed after many scaffolding providers were becoming concerned by the safety of traditional gin wheels and alternative pulleys, and contacted Leach’s for a solution. Since its recent launch, the device has improved safety standards on construction sites around the world for workers and the public, and also reduced the risk for management from potential injury claims. Discover the BIGBEN Braked Pulley.

BIGBEN® Heavy-Duty Leather Lifting Bag

When you need to lift smaller hand tools, fittings, and equipment, you need a strong and robust lifting bag than can safely manage the load and withstand the rigors of daily use.

That’s where the BIGBEN® Heavy-Duty Lifting Bag can help. With an impressive SWL of 130kg, this lifting bag is tough and durable, but also comfortable to carry. It’s perfect for transporting your scaffolding fittings to the upper reaches of a structure. Buy your BIGBEN® Heavy-Duty Lifting Bag from Leach’s today.

At Leach’s, we deliver lifting and handling equipment to mitigate risks and keep you safe on-site. Explore the range here, or contact our sales team on  +44 (0)1432 346890 or email sales@leachs.com.

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