At last, summer is almost upon us.

And it’s not just the better weather we’re looking forward to during summer 2022.

After two whole years plagued by the coronavirus pandemic, the light that will hopefully shine this summer isn’t just from the sun, but also the return to some sort of normality.

That said, for those working on-site, the sun’s rays can also cause some headaches (quite literally!). Yes the ice has thawed and we now have those precious longer days, but the summer months do present some very real challenges to contend with. Here’s what to look out for, and Leach’s tips to stay safe in 2022.

(Don’t) feel the burn

Hopefully, there will be no need to wrap up warm on-site this summer, but hot weather brings different challenges. Working outside on scaffolding and construction sites means you’ll be exposed to the sun at far higher UV levels, and for much longer periods of time. Prolonged exposure increases the risks of burns and heatstroke if you don’t take the right precautions.

The most obvious protection from the sun is sunscreen, and lots of it!. It’s a must have in your kit bag in spring and summer. I know I know, sorry to nag, but you can stock up here. Make sure you remember to pack it! Our range is perfume free, non-greasy and water-resistant. There’s plenty to keep you going too!


It’s also vital to ensure you’re taking on enough fluids in the heat to prevent heatstroke. Keep a full bottle with you so you’ve always got access to something refreshing. Is it just us, or does everything taste better from the BIGBEN Water Bottle?

BIGBEN Water Bottle

Dress for the weather

Now the sun has arrived, it’s time to kit yourself out in some summer workwear. Vest, t-shirts and shorts are a tradespersons close friend in the hotter weather to help keep cool.

Our growing selection of BIGBEN workwear features a range of summer options to keep you as comfortable as can be on site. But remember, if you’re leaving your skin exposed on a hot day, come prepared with sunscreen…

It’s important to protect your eyes from the sun too, so you can ensure you have good visibility and get the job done safely. We recommend the Merano Anti-Scratch Safety Specs with Tinted Lens.

Tinted safety glasses

But let’s not forget this is the UK – expect a downpour (or two)

Yes, when we think of summer we think optimistically of hot days in the sun lounging by the pool.

But let’s be real.

This is Britain. We’re guaranteed a few downpours!

Best to have some foul weather clothing ready to go, just in case. From lightweight jackets to trousers, we have plenty of options to choose from that are guaranteed to keep you dry and cool.

Scaffold sheeting will also help keep the rain out in stormy weather

On the topic of rain… just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean you won’t be exposed to some unsavoury conditions.

Heavy duty scaffold sheeting does a fantastic job of keeping out the wind and rain all year round, helping you focus on the task at hand. We recommend BIGBEN Superclad Premium Scaffold Sheeting. Trust us, you can’t go wrong here.

Alternatively, if it is extremely warm but some light protection is needed, perhaps to stop debris falling or limited weather out, debris netting is another useful option to consider.

No matter the season, at Leach’s it’s our mission to help keep workers safe. If you need any support in preparing for spring and summer on-site, contact our dedicated sales team today on 01432 346 890.

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