The days are shortening and the clocks will soon fall back. Winter is well and truly on the way and if recent years have taught us anything, we must prepare for the unexpected in terms of weather.

Risks are undoubtedly greater during the winter months. According to Health and Safety Executive (HSE), there were 54,000 non-fatal injuries on-site in 2019 and 30 fatalities. With the increased risk of slips, trips and falls that winter brings, you need the best work wear possible to ensure safety.

The challenges don’t end there either. As we learn to adapt to our ever-changing climate and the evolving coronavirus situation, worker safety and comfort has never been so important. At Leach’s, it’s our philosophy to go the extra mile to protect on-site workers from any risk. In this blog series we will take a look at the best winter workwear available, and advise how to prepare your site for the colder conditions.

Winter workwear

Our first focus is on winter workwear, giving you the low-down on the best clothes for working outdoors in winter. A lack of adequate preparation could lead to health complications such as body temperature drops, frost bite, chilblains and even hypothermia. The consequences can be severe. But don’t worry, our job is to protect you. We’ve put together our top 6 must have winter workwear essentials to keep you safe… and productive.

1. High-Vis Jacket

Be seen… and warm!

The wrong attire can result in productivity plummeting. When visibility is low and the cold sweeps in, a good high-vis jacket is just what’s needed to keep you warm and safe. The more comfortable the worker, the easier it is to do the job. It’s important to be seen too as the risk being struck by moving vehicles rapidly increases during winter months.

Our recommendation: BIGBEN Hi-Vis Waterproof Winter Jacket

It’s stylish, functional and will ensure you stand out from the crowd. This jacket is of premium quality and includes many outstanding features, such as the new Insulatex heat reflective lining panel which reflects heat back into the body ensuring maximum warmth and comfort. We love it - a real must-have for your winter workwear wardrobe.

2. Hi-Vis Waterproofs

If you’re reading this from the UK, you’ll be used to rain and the need for a decent set of waterproofs.

Foul weather clothing must be comfortable and safe, but also appropriate for the conditions. If it’s slightly milder, you may prefer something more breathable. Closer to zero degrees and you may need that extra layer for warmth. It’s important to get the balance right.

Our recommendation: Hi-Vis Waterproof Breathable Jacket

While we were tempted to recommend the BIGBEN Hi-Vis Waterproof Jacket again, this waterproof jacket is a good alternative for rain protection in slightly milder conditions. That’s because it’s highly breathable, so you can keep dry without getting too hot.

3. Scaffolding Gloves

Good hand protection is vital.

We can all relate to the feeling of freezing hands. A good pair of gloves protects them during everyday tasks and keeps them warm. But you need to do be able to do the job well too. You need to keep your hands warm, and have ample dexterity. If you have to take off your gloves to carry out the work, then you’ve probably got the wrong pair.

Our recommendation: BIGBEN Thermal Winter Gloves

They are long lasting and ensure warmth, durability and safety all day. They are also EN388:2016 Certified, meaning they are proven to protect against mechanical risks such as abrasions, cuts and impacts. A really solid pair of gloves.

4. Warm Helmet liners

A helmet liner is the perfect addition to a hard hat in winter. Fastening under the chin, they protect your head, ears and part of your neck from the cold.

Our recommendation: Quilted Helmet Liner

This helmet liner is guaranteed to keep your head warm. It’s easily attached to a helmet harness too for comfort and warmth. It’s dual layered with polyester and fleece and can be used in any sector, from scaffolding and construction to offshore and energy.

5. Safety Footwear

Winter footwear must offer great protection, but also be durable and comfortable. A decent pair of safety boots will improve productivity as you’ll feel better on your feet for longer. During the winter, you’ll want to stop the cold setting in too so you’ll need something fully waterproof and insulated.

Our recommendation: Caiman Waterproof Safety Boot

The Caiman is a stand-out choice here. This boot is waterproof and breathable. Its lightweight composite midsole and toecap make the Caiman incredibly light and comfortable, helping reduce wearer fatigue. It’s also fully waterproof with a bellows tongue and waterproof lining to ensure breathability.

6. And most importantly of all… thermal mug!

Ok, so not strictly work wear, but we all know there is nothing better than a hot cuppa on a cold day. Keep your favourite drink warmer for longer with this BIGBEN Thermal Mug (it will keep your hands warm too). Milk no sugar for me please!

If you’re looking for recommendations to get winter ready, give our friendly sales team a call and they’ll be happy to advise on a bespoke range for your needs. Call +44 (0)1432 346 890 today.

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