Range of new eco-friendly products also launched to boost its environmentally friendly product offerings.

Leach’s, the UK’s most trusted supplier of scaffolding supplies and height safety equipment, is planting 100 trees to celebrate 100 years of business as part of its ongoing sustainability initiative. As the company continues its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, it is also launching two brand-new environmentally friendly products, Leach’s Eco Harness and BIGBEN® Ultralite Eco Gloves, delivering sustainable product options to the scaffolding and construction industries.

For much of Leach’s first 100 years, it prioritised taking care of people. That has involved delivering the ultimate protection for all tradespersons working at height, including scaffolders and construction workers. Now, it is widening its focus to include protecting our planet.

The initiative includes:

  • 100 trees for 100 years – To mark Leach’s 100th anniversary in 2022 and signal its intent to help improve the environment, the company is working with Trees for Life to plant 100 trees in the Scottish Highlands. To raise awareness for Earth Day on April 22nd, Leach’s will also plant a tree for every order placed over £1000 (+VAT) as part of its efforts to dramatically increase the number of trees planted over the next 100 years.

  • New product: Leach’s Eco Harness – In April, Leach’s is also launching a first of its kind Eco Harness. It’s made from upcycled PET bottles and is certified free from harmful chemicals.

  • New product: BIGBEN® Ultralite Eco Gloves – Tradespersons often get through a lot of pairs of gloves. These Eco Gloves are made using one recycled plastic bottle per pair – an innovative concept to reduce plastic waste. They’re washable and reusable too.

Russell Tennent, Managing Director at Leach’s, states, “In recent years, as part of our efforts to implement environmentally friendly working practices across industry, we’ve successfully introduced products like BIGBEN Eco Scaffold Sheeting that can be recycled; we’ve taken more of our manufacturing in house to help reduce our carbon footprint; and we have plans to reduce the waste from our packaging. We’ve been taking the steps needed to push the industry towards sustainable business practices. These new product launches, alongside the trees initiative, form the latest in a series of new endeavours to protect our planet.”

Leach’s first 100 trees will be planted in a grove in the Scottish Highlands, and customers will be able to donate a tree to the grove at any time, as well as take part in further business incentives to plant more trees.

Russell Tennent concludes, “Trees are a huge positive for our planet, and we need more of them. They give us life sustaining clean air. Just one tree offsets an estimated 0.3T of carbon dioxide in its life, equivalent to 732.9 miles in a standard car. Trees also improve soil and prevent water pollution, and provide homes and habitats for wildlife to thrive, greatly needed to restore our finely balanced eco system. We’re proud to be implementing these new sustainable practices into the business and look forward to seeing our customers integrate them into their operations too.”

We’ll be continuing our efforts to protect our planet over the next 100 years. Check out our latest sustainability updates here.

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