Worker safety has been drastically improved with this fresh range of specialised tool tethering and storage equipment, designed to reduce the risk of dropped tools.

Leach’s, the UK’s most trusted supplier of scaffolding and safety supplies, is proud to partner with NLG to bolster its collection of innovative tool safety solutions and help tradespersons across the country stop the drop!

The new partnership means Leach’s now offers a tethering safety solution for almost any tool, delivering a huge boost to site and worker safety. The core focus of the new NLG range is providing the ability to use a tool practically and without limit, whilst also preventing it from dropping to reduce the risk of injury to those below.

The vast range of NLG tool safety products includes:

  • NLG Super Bungee Tool Lanyard with Double Action Carabiner 
    Bungee Tool Lanyard
    The NLG Super Bungee Tool comfortably stretches over three metres, allowing for the safe use of heavy tools on platforms when working at height. It has exceptionally low resistance to stretching, ensuring comfort and a great wearer experience.

  • NLG Tablet Case
    NLG Tablet Case
    For those who use an iPad or tablet device when working at height, the NLG Tablet Case makes it safe and simple. As tablets become more widely used for inspections and a range of other tasks at height, the NLG Tablet Case aims to eliminate the risk of dropping them. It can be used with all types of tablet, and can be connected to a harness or tool belt via a tool lanyard to prevent accidental drops.
  • NLG Ascent Bucket
    NLG Ascent Bucket
    This is the world’s most advanced lifting and storage bucket for working at height. It’s constructed from reinforced PVC and has a safe working load of 125kg. It’s ideal for transferring tools and materials on-site and it’s Mega Mesh Lock Closure allows the user to see the contents of the bucket without compromising safety as it prevents items falling out, even if the bucket is inverted accidentally.
  • NLG Heavy-Duty Retractable Tool Lanyard with Carabiner
    NLG Retractable Tool Lanyard
    The rugged construction of this heavy-duty retractable tool lanyard makes it ideal for the toughest conditions. It can be fitted directly onto a belt or harness, or used in conjunction with a webbing loop to create a retractable lanyard that can attach to any anchor point. It’s perfect for use in locations where the workspace is confined or where the use of more than one lanyard is not practical.

The collection also includes a wide selection of further tool tethering and storage devices

What is tool tethering?

Tool tethering is a safety measure applied to alleviate the risk of tools and equipment being accidentally dropped when working at height. An effective tool tethering solution requires a tether point on the tool and an anchor point attached either to the worker, or a scaffolding tool belt or frog. A tool lanyard is then used to connect the anchor point to the tool to prevent it from being dropped.

According to the Health and Safety Executive, being struck by falling objects is one of the biggest causes of fatalities in UK workplaces. If the right precautions aren’t taken, working at height can be just as dangerous to those site workers or members of the public on the ground. A free-falling hammer could easily fall onto an unsuspecting victim below with devastating consequences.

Russell Tennent, Managing Director at Leach’s, said of the partnership, “The impact of dropped tools is severe, and we’re always looking for more ways to improve the safety of all on-site. That’s why we’re thrilled to now provide NLG tool safety products. We chose to partner with NLG and stock its range due to the quality and versatility it offers, giving our customers the ability to tether almost any tool, dramatically improving safety on site and preventing the risk of dropped tools.”

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