Safety is the number one concern on today’s scaffolding and construction sites. Site operators are no doubt doing all they can to protect workers and the public from injury. Pull testers can play a vital role in helping achieve this.

What are pull tests?

Simply put, pull tests are tests undertaken on the fixings of temporary structures or buildings to determine the pullout resistance of a fastener. The test is carried out by attaching a pull tester (also known as anchor tester) to a bolt, screw, anchor or fixing and then measuring the fixings maximum stress level. The result allows users to easily determine how strong and secure an entire project is and helps to diagnose the weak points that require attention.

Why are pull tests important?

The correct selection, installation, and testing of fixings is critical to keep people safe and ensure businesses comply with the latest health and safety regulations. There are many factors that can impact the strength of your fastening, and a visual test just isn’t enough to ensure your bolts or screws haven’t been impacted by poor weather or inadequate installation.

Unfortunately, it only takes a few bolts to be unchecked and un-fit for purpose for an entire structure to collapse. A pull tester is a quick and easy solution to deploy that offers reassurance your fastenings can handle the proposed loads.

This is an important process. The conclusion: you need a pull testing kit you can trust.

Introducing the BIGBEN Anchor Test Kit

Of course, there are plenty of pull testers out there to choose from. We believe the BIGBEN® Anchor Test Kit is up there with the best (and our customers tend to agree). It’s a reliable tool that gives you the confidence your anchors are 100% safe. The BIGBEN Anchor Test Kit combines precision and quality to establish safe working loads in most construction materials, and accurately validates the correct installation of existing fixings. Here are a few reasons we believe it’s a cut above the rest.

Why choose BIGBEN?

  1. You’re in safe hands
    Whether it’s the two-year warranty covering you in the event of kit failure, or the robust carry kit it’s supplied in, your new anchor test kit will stay safe on the move and in your hands. We’ve thought of everything to ensure you get the very best out of the BIGBEN Anchor Test Kit.

  2. We know speed is of the essence.
    Of course, you need to make sure the project is completed correctly, but you’re also under pressure to ensure it is finished safely and on time. You need a fast and reliable pull tester you can count on.

    The BIGBEN Anchor Test Kit features snap and go tooling, is easy to set up, includes a quick release Glycerine filled gauge for a seamless change between gauges, and is generally faster to work with than its competitors on the market. Plus if you’re quick to snap one up, we’ll be quick to deliver.

  1. Everything you need to get started.
    This pull tester comes complete with everything you need to get started right out of the box. It includes a 50mm and 75mm leg extension, four fixing attachments, plus a free fixings pack featuring x100 M16 Drop in Anchors and x15 M16 Ring Bolts. We’ve gone the extra mile to ensure real value for money here.

Don’t forget your yearly recalibration

Now you have your Anchor Test Kit, it is important to remember it needs re-calibrating every 12-months to ensure continued accurate results.

Luckily, we make this an incredibly simple process for you too. Firstly, we offer 2-years free calibration when you buy a BIGBEN Anchor Test Kit. Furthermore, you can send it straight to us and we’ll have it back in your hands in as little as 3-days if required. You won’t have to down tools for long.

Sound good? For more information about the BIGBEN Anchor Test Kit, click the link. Alternatively, call our sales team on  +44 (0)1432 346890 or email

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